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An Altar in the Ashes of Life

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Sometimes, God asks for impossible things. Horrible, awful things, like the giving up of the things we love most. Our deepest desires, shattered.  Our cherished dreams, broken. All the things we counted on, crushed. Life isn’t fair. But God doesn’t cause the pain. He doesn’t send the hurt rushing into our lives. It’s not His […]

Stephanie Cary

Your Story Isn’t Over

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      You wonder if anyone sees you.   You work hard to make a life. Put your all into doing what’s right. Make sacrifices every day. You’re a mom and you wouldn’t have it any other way.   You want the best for your kids.   But, sometimes, you wonder if anyone sees […]

Stephanie Cary

Never Give Up

Thank you, Single Mom, for raising amazing kids. Just like you. #StephanieCary #QuotesRead more

  Single Mom, listen to this:   You’re doing a good job.   You know about the tough times. You’ve lived them. You could write the book on “tough.”   But you’re also strong.   You’ve survived. You haven’t given up.         You’ve held onto your courage.   Your faith. Your belief […]

Stephanie Cary

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